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How it Works

All of our simulators include dual tracking technology and Infrared Lightwaves for instant ball flight tracking.



The Data We Capture

Our simulator combines two specific tracking technologies that work together to produce the most realistic ball tracking data in the industry.

   ION3 Camera

 measurement icons area
   The Hitting Area

Largest detection area available, ball is instantly located and ready to play.

 club speed 2
Club Head Data

As you swing, we capture your club head speed, path, and face angle.

 measurement icons spin 3

Ball Flight

As your ball takes flight, the technology captures back spin, side spin/spin axis.


Infrared & Line Scan


measurement icons5
The Flight

As your ball crosses the two infrared light wave or line scan tracks, we measure your ball speed, launch angle, and direction at the speed of light.

 measurement icons6

The Screen

When the ball hits the screen, you instantly see the direction of your shot, exactly as it would be outdoors.

 measurement icons7

The Reality

No other simulation technology or indoor launch monitor can measure these ball flight characteristics more accurately or rapidly.


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980 N. Lapeer Road
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